Cosmetic Dentistry

The aesthetic term from the etymological point of view, aesthesis, (aesthetic) derives from Greek and means perception. Esthetic dentistry could be defined as an application of art and science aimed at developing or highlighting beauty in the form of a smile.

The historical evolution of aesthetic dentistry has followed a path similar to that of plastic surgery, which in its beginnings was considered a specialty of snobbery and frivolous medicine. Currently there are studies in which it is observed that physical defects can become a psychically and clinically proven disease in the individual, which today, has led to aesthetic dentistry, has the support of most of professionals of dentistry, to which is added that, thanks to the new materials and techniques, adequate functional results are achieved, which has shaped a necessary plot in modern dentistry.

In Western culture we can consider, in a generic way, dental aesthetic patterns represented by a smile that shows clear teeth within a harmonious composition with soft tissues. This does not mean that there are individuals who understand their dental aesthetics in a different way.

For everything, we must contemplate at all times, the treatments for aesthetic purposes from the personal and subjective point of view of the patient, collaborating with him to fulfill his expectations and wishes.

The smile is one of the most important facial expressions that differentiates the human being from the rest of the animals. He uses it as part of the language, expressing joy happiness or pleasure. From the anatomical point of view, the smile can be analyzed by studying each of its components: lips, gums and teeth.

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